Who owns the Russell Wharf? 

  • This is owned by Far North Holdings Ltd, the commercial arm of Far North District Council.

What is the role of Far North Holdings (FNH)? 

  • Maintain the wharf so that it is fit for public and commercial use, safe and legally compliant.
  • Maintain appropriate and fit-for-purpose maintenance schedules.
  • Carry out routine maintenance in line with these schedules.

What accountability will the new Trust have to the community?

  • The Trust is obligated to seek to understand the views and expectations of the community in relation to the Wharf, including seeking and considering input and feedback from relevant community groups.

Who determines the fees/levy to be applied?

  • This is done by mutual agreement between FNH and the Trust.

How will the Trust know that Far North Holdings is maintaining the wharf to an acceptable standard?

  • At least once every five years, FNH must commission (in consultation with the Trust) a review from an independent expert with appropriate experience and professional expertise on the condition of the wharf, the Maintenance Schedule and the company’s compliance with it.

What degree of control will the Trust have over any Future Extension or Provision of Facilities on the Wharf?

  • The Community, via the Trust, has considerable sway over any proposed change to the structure of the wharf.

How can Russell residents raise questions and/or concerns? 

This is best done by contacting The Trust via this website or by writing to the Trust via our email address – info@russellwharf.org.nz.

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